January 1, 2015:

Happy New Year! So my goal this year is to complete a 365 challenge. I was having trouble figuring out exactly what I wanted to post every day, but I just knew I wanted to write something. I’ve tried doing a photo one in the past, but it didn’t really work out. What I’ve settled on is to write about something I learn every day, which keeps it pretty vague, because it could be something I’ve learned about myself, something academic, or something completely random. We’ll see how far I get, and you can just read my ramblings if you want. Day 1: Today I learned that all of the To brothers’ birthdays are in the same month-span–Edward’s birthday is on Dec. 13th, Lincoln’s is on New Year’s Eve, and Anthony’s is on Jan. 4th. I found this out because Edward’s dad was having a get-together for New Year’s, and Hip and I decided to tag along, and it turned out to be like a triple birthday celebration, too. I’ve always found it interesting to see where my friends grew up. Like, it’s one thing to know them, but I feel like you understand people a little better when you see them interact in their home setting and with their family. I can’t believe I’ve spent like the past 24 hours hanging out with this kid, haha. Anyway, it’s been a pretty solid start to the year, so we’ll see how the rest of 2015 turns out. 2014 was definitely a roller coaster of a year, from the end of my Circle K term, to graduating, working, and figuring out friendships and relationships. P.S. I’m still kind of a noob at this whole WordPress thing. How do I even use this site? P.P.S. Holy crap I was having trouble figuring out what to write, and it’s only day 1. This is going to be an adventure to actually complete. I wonder how long my posts are going to be.


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