January 7, 2015:

Today I learned that I can go to https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/ to find daily prompts I can write about the day. (Thanks Kingston!)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oasis.”

A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

It’s weird because I was trying to think of a physical place that I go to, but I couldn’t really pinpoint a specific place that I turn to in times of need. I guess to break it down, here are some of the things I do:

  • Call someone to talk about it. I’ve always been a very dependent person, and although I’m trying to work on that, my first instinct is to find someone to talk to about it when life gets overwhelming. Sometimes I refrain, sometimes I don’t.
  • Drive. Somewhere. Anywhere. Sometimes just in circles. I’ve always found it empowering when I’m driving alone in my car. Like it’s the only time I’m completely in control and entirely alone. It’s weird because I’m actually not in control of a lot of things around me when I’m driving, and well, I can be home alone, but it’s not the same being alone in my car vs. sitting in my room alone. Does that make sense? It seems to clear my head pretty well a lot of the time though.
  • Soak in a bath. Whether I’m feeling mentally or physically drained, I just like to soak for a long time and it always relaxes me and makes me feel better.
  • Okay this might sound lame, but going to Starbucks, getting a nice warm cup of coffee, listening to sad music and just kind of sulking for a while usually calms me down, too.

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