January 11, 2015:

Today I learned that 4.5 days is definitely not long enough for a vacation.
Then again, I don’t think I’d ever be tired of a city/ever reach a point where I’d want to leave, unless of course I was feeling homesick. I remember going to Paris over the summer and realizing how much more I wanted to do after 6 days.

Granted, these trips do come with their struggles. Walking around everywhere is definitely tiring, and it was starting to take its toll. I felt bad today when Tina and I were taking a while at Pike’s Place, and David was definitely not in the mood to stand around anymore. Not only that, but as a contingent worker, I don’t get paid time off, so every day I miss of work is another day of work I don’t get paid for.

However, roaming around the city with two great people, sightseeing, going on food adventures, and stopping to take pictures of everything has definitely been a blast. It was better than I could’ve imagined, and I’m glad we semi-spontaneously decided to go.

I’m too lazy to post a ton of pictures right now, but David said I should post about Tina, so here’s a picture of Tina bo bina and me at the gum wall (which I learned, actually really grosses me out in person):



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