January 25, 2015:

To continue from yesterday, it really frustrates me that my relatives discuss the issues of my 18 year old cousin as if they’re grave problems. I feel like they baby her and over exaggerate the severity of it all. Sure, she gets stressed over academics, and maybe she doesn’t have a career planned, but who really does? I don’t, and I freaking graduated. Not only that but eleven other cousins have entered or graduated from college, and we all had our problems, but none of them were discussed this way. It’s hard to fully describe without the full context, but I’m glad I at least tried to reason with my relatives that she’s just a normal girl with normal struggles. Sigh.

It also bothers me when people ask me about what I’m doing, and say, “So… it’s not related to your major?” because then I get all defensive and it’s stupid.

Anyway, I realize I haven’t written a ton of posts with substance, a lot of the time due to the fact that I start writing at 11pm or later, so my new goal is to write right after work every day. I guess because work is a bit repetitive, I always wait around til later on to see if there’ll be something to write about, but then I end up putting it off a bit too much. Whoops.


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