January 29, 2015:

It’s been a fucking long week, but in an attempt to stay positive, here’s some things that made me happy:

-Tofu stew and seafood pancakes with Edward/gossiping
-catching Tony right as he got out of class and seeing him get $0.94 worth of yogurt
-reminiscing with Warren friends about the stupid shit we did our first year
-for some reason, I decided to skim through my senior year high school yearbook, and it was funny how many times I got called a bro
-having my mom pack me samoas in my lunch
-satisfying my sushi craving
-seeing all the possible jobs I can apply for (which also scares the shit out of me yet makes me super excited that job hunting season is beginning)
-getting to see Sam Smith in concert tomorrow
-getting to talk to Kingston on the phone on Saturday


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