February 15, 2015:

So yesterday I woke up at 2, picked up Tony, and headed to Young Hickory for a workday. He worked on CAT stuff, and I worked on job hunting.


Though I didn’t take the best pictures, it was a cool place, and we worked by the window for a few hours.

Then the struggle of deciding where to eat… we wanted sushi, but didn’t know where to go, and then when we finally decided on a place, there were long waits. Finally settled on going to Vibe, but the service tends to be slow, so Tony kept track on his chopsticks wrapper, haha.


Then decided to go to a kickback, except I didn’t really know anyone there. Got persuaded into playing BP, and when I said I was terrible, they said “Oh, everyone says that.” Pretty sure my partner believed me after our game… (lol sorry Vy).

Glad I did something with my day at least.

P.S. Hi Tony—thanks for being one of the few who read this. (:


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