April 3, 2015: 

We decided to go to the Museum of Natural History for the dinosaurs of course, and it turned out to be one of the most exhausting options. We didn’t realize how big the museum was, so we slowly made our way through the first floor before realizing that we had so much more to go. My legs were killing me so we powered through the rest. We got Halal Guys for dinner, and then headed home to rest. We decided to go out for the night since we hadn’t the night before. We were being indecisive as always but eventually headed to Kingston’s cousin’s place, and it was cool getting to go to the rooftop and get a nice view of the city. Decided to tag along to go clubbing, and well, whenever I’m with Steven, it’s never a boring time, haha. Drank and danced the night away and left around 4 I think? 

Sometimes I almost forget this isn’t actually my diary, and it’s actually public, but I guess some things are better to keep to myself. There were just uh, some unexpected surprises on our way back that made my night take an… interesting turn. 



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