April 5, 2015:

I feel like it was a day of nonstop eating… haha

We started off going to Smorgasburg, which was basically a big food festival with 100 different vendors, and everything looked so good! I got a lobster roll, strawberry lemonade, and an ice cream, and I was pretty content with life. Then we headed over to the Brooklyn Bridge, and then to Juliana’s for some pizza. Mike, I can see what the hype is, haha. It was pretty windy and we didn’t have much planned, so we hung out inside a Starbucks for a while. Headed to the 9/11 memorial and was surprised how calming it was. It was approaching dinner time, but none of us were hungry yet, so we decided to go to Little Italy and get takeout instead. On the way back, Steven and Kingston got gelato and then we stopped in Chinatown for boba! So yeah. Lots of food. Headed back to our place and ended up talking for a while, so much so that we definitely almost made Kingston miss his bus… lol whoops. Headed over to Times Square, but found out that we didn’t actually have much to do there. 


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