April 9, 2015:

The Hush Sound played at Warren Live last year, and I remember sitting in my car for the longest time debating whether or not to go, just to end up not going. I remember thinking that I should’ve just gone alone, but I couldn’t bring myself to. 

But alas, another opportunity presented itself because they came back to UCSD this year for Revellution! And yet again, I had the struggle of deciding whether or not to go. But I did end up going for part of it! So here’s a picture of them:


It was really weird being on campus again because I felt so out of place–like everyone was so much younger than me even though they really weren’t.

On another note, a position is opening up again at work, and my managers are pushing me to apply, but I feel really conflicted about it: It’s a service center position, so I’d be taking my calls from people about the stuff I currently work on. I’m relatively qualified, it’s a permanent position and a senior one at that, and it’d be my foot in the door in case I wanted to transfer later. Oh, and my contract is ending soon, so I do really need to find a job before I’m unemployed again. But it’s not exactly the position I was looking for, yet I don’t want to pass up the opportunity in hopes of something better that might not even come along. Sigh, I don’t know. 


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