April 18, 2015:

Instead of going in to work, I slept in instead. I woke up at 10 but didn’t get out of bed until 12, and it was wonderful. Spent most of the day just watching TV and decided to start watching The Flash (well, from the beginning anyway because I’ve been watching random episodes here or there). Every time I see the main character, I think of his role on Glee, and it’s just kind of amusing. 

Anyway, I had this slight (and probably melodramatic) panic set in that I don’t have much of my life figured out right now, whether it be work or friends or anything really. I just feel like I straight up don’t have my shit together, and I’ve never really learned how to be independent, and it’s all kind of scary. I feel like I’m only 21, and I have my whole life ahead of me and time to figure things out, yet I still feel so behind. I think I’ve been complaining about these things for a while now, and I don’t want to be that person who whines without doing anything about it, so here’s to taking it day by day and working towards being happier and ending this post with my lame reminder quote: 



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