April 20, 2015:

After a ton of nagging from my managers, I finally applied to the position that opened up. We’ll see how that goes.

On another note, Facebook sent me one of those “Here’s what happened 4 years ago on this day” posts, and so here I go back into nostalgic Vi mode:

4 years ago, on April 20, 2011, my friend wrote on my wall that he has to go shopping now, and that was because I asked him to go with me to prom. I really like planning things, and once I get an idea in my head, I get really into it.

My senior year was complicated because of this guy I liked, and everyone (including him lol) assumed I was going to prom with him. But I really didn’t want to because I was feeling pretty hurt, and I just wanted to go with a nice guy that I could have a fun time with. I wanted something simple. So I said screw what everyone thinks, why not just ask someone who’s been a really good friend to me this year? And so I showed up to his house with a poster and all that corny stuff, I asked him to go to prom with me, and he said yes! And I’m truly glad I did. I had a nice time with a good friend, I felt pretty, and because of that among other things he’s just one of those people I associate good memories with from high school. Yay nostalgia and old photos.

242064_10150189501389141_3646993_o 242331_10150189501464141_1473946_o


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