April 24, 2015:

Well, my day started off decently because my manager brought in bagels, and specifically the kind I like/the spread I like, so that was pretty nice of him.
I realized I forgot my coffee in my car, so I went to the break room to get some…
… which I then proceeded to spill onto my desk and onto my keyboard. Merp.

Fridays are usually my least productive days, and this one was no different. I had a talk with two of my managers about the position I applied to, and it was just really nice to see them be so enthusiastic about it for me.

Then I decided I wanted to be social, so I got dinner with Edward. After the standard struggle of deciding where to eat, we decided on Karl Strauss. I’ve been meaning to go back to the Mira Mesa one for a while now just because I like the outdoor area. Talked about my usual struggles and my current dilemma about whether I want to move out, and Edward’s solution is to tell me to flip a coin, lol. If only making a decision were that easy. 75% certain that I should stay at home though.


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