May 18, 2015:

So it was my first official day in my new position at work, which was just new hire orientation anyway. Since I already had my security badge and parking pass, I didn’t have to get there until 9:00 (yay for sleeping in!). 

Orientation was about how you’d expect it to be, watching videos about the company’s culture and values, taking a tour of the building, learning about our benefits, etc. 

The highlight was that I got to leave at 3:30! And for someone who usually leaves at 6:30, 5:00 on an early day, I felt like I had so much time left in my day. I seriously felt so free, and that I could do whatever I wanted, haha. Yes, the exciting moment I get out a whole three hours early.

I didn’t want to go home because I knew I’d end up doing nothing and wasting the rest of my day, so I called Steven and went to UTC to keep him company while he got his tires replaced. We went to Dirty Birds for half off wings and ordered way too much. I definitely want to go back and try their other flavors.

Spent the rest of the night relaxing and watching Elementary and such. 



May 17, 2015:

Went shopping with Roger, Andrew Thai, and Jon Woo at Fashion Valley. I’m not really sure why I feel like I have to say Andrew and Jon’s last names, but it feels weird if I don’t, haha. 

Anyway, it was kind of funny because every store we’d go to, I would split off from the group, go to the girl’s side, and then come back and find them again. Surprisingly, I was the one who bought the least… Say what? Managed to buy two tops and a skirt though. 

I’ve been wanting to dress up lately but haven’t had the occasion to. 



May 16, 2015:

Considering we went to sleep at like 3 or 4 in the morning, I’m surprised that I actually made it to work at 8. I didn’t feel too bad until around 9:30 when the exhaustion kicked in. Glad one of my managers brought in breakfast and stuff though.

Headed back to Roger’s after to relax/take a nap, but I ended up just watching movies and shows with him. I had never seen Rise of the Guardians, and I actually really liked it. Why wasn’t it more popular??

We went to Spicy City (yay for continuing to try new places), and then headed back for poker night. Knocked out again at like 3ish? Pt. 2 of late night/crashing at Roger’s place.



May 15, 2015:

So Ilene was home for a couple of days post-graduation before she went to China with her family, so we made time to catch up. This usually consists of me going over to her house and sitting on her couch for a few hours. It’s always interesting because we only see each other a few times each year since she was on the east coast for school and now for work, so when we do see each other we cover such a wide range of topics to try to make up for lost time, and it’s just nice to have someone like that. 

After that, I headed to Roger’s place for a kickback because I make responsible decisions like drinking the night before I have to go to work the next day at 8:00am… Anyway my tolerance was pretty high that night so I didn’t die despite drinking for Edward’s losses in poker, haha. 

Maybe I overanalyze things or take things too personally, but something that you told me really rubbed me the wrong way. You only had the best intentions, I know, but it just made me feel so… stupid. I thought you’d be a little more understanding, but I guess not. Sigh I don’t know, maybe I’m just overly sensitive or something.



May 14, 2015:

The most exciting and stressful thing of the day was buying my Zedd ticket. I decided to go to the LA one because it was on a Friday instead of in the middle of the week. Anyway buying the ticket was a struggle because the site wouldn’t work for me, and then when it did, Steven’s crashed, and I was just spazzing out at work while trying to be low key that I wasn’t actually working…. Hahaha 

After all that, I ended up getting the GA ticket but then buying a VIP ticket on top of that, so now I have to sell my GA ticket. BUT ITS OKAY BECAUSE THE STRUGGLE WAS WORTH SINCE I HAVE ANOTHER THING TO LOOK FORWARD TO NOW. Having money to spend on these things is def a plus of the working life. 

And here is one of the songs I like from his new album, and I’m not sure if the link will work since I’m posting from my phone, but I’ll fix it later:




May 13, 2015:

-I’m happy Jeremy Passion is coming to San Diego in a few weeks. 

-I really need to buy my sister’s birthday gift.

-My friends that I knew in high school are all posting their graduation pictures, and it feels very surreal because I just think, “That should be me, too.” But instead, that was a year ago already. I’m not sure I’m where I want to be, but at the very least I’ve avoided unemployment, haha.



May 12, 2015:

-Literally spent half the day being excited for free cone day at Haagen Dazs. What even is my life.

-Enthusiasm slightly faded, but at least I went anyway. Felt bad for the workers because they definitely looked like they were hating life.

-Went shopping because I had to justify going out of my way for a free ice cream cone. I mean I was going to go shopping for LED anyway. Trying things on = insecurities left and right. Also annoyed how sizes are so inconsistent between stores. Rushed through stores since I was only there for an hour and a half, and I ended up just buying one thing. 

-Pleasantly surprised when people I don’t know well still remember me. Definitely spaced out right as Rishi walked past, but at least we mutually did a double take and waved at each other, haha. 

-Trying to be okay with spending more of my time alone. Trying to enjoy doing things even if other people aren’t there with me, but it’s difficult. I just need to keep myself busy, and I’ll be okay.