April 25, 2015:

It was the day of PCC, and I got up and ate breakfast/lunch with Edward since my manager gave me all the leftover bagels the day before. Stopped by Ralph’s because Jeff asked me to buy flowers, and then headed to campus. The show was pretty good, and it’s always fun spotting which of my friends is in each dance. 

We went to Phuong Trang for dinner, and there were so many Viet people! I haven’t been surrounded by that many Viet friends in a long time, and it was nice (even if I’m apparently Ba/Ba Chu now….. I got upgraded to Grandma status apparently). Didn’t realize how much I missed that sense of familiarity until then. 

Sorry I avoided you at PCC, but I did try texting you later, and you didn’t respond… so meh. I don’t know. I’m feeling confused and conflicted. 

Anyway, went home after buying a pack of cider and just relaxed and binge watched The Flash for the rest of the night. 



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