April 27, 2015:

So a random acquaintance invited me to the San Diego poetry slam competition on Facebook, and while I would usually ignore such invites, I noticed that Rudy Francisco was going to be a part of it, and I really wanted to see him. Jen Keli and I ended up going and running into Will Kim, which was a nice surprise. The feels were too real. It’s like when someone goes up and says something and you’re just like Damn, I never would’ve thought to describe something that way or phrase something that way, but it’s just so on point. Will’s friend asked if I wrote poetry/ was going to perform, which I definitely scoffed at, but I sat there wondering what I would write about if I did. So many stories were so personal, I feel like I’d feel so self-conscious no matter what I wrote about, haha. Glad I decided to go, sad I had to leave before the last round because it was running late, and I had my interview the next morning at 8:00am. 


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