April 28, 2015:

hate interviews–I get super nervous, and it shows, and I’m just not very good at them. But this time around, I didn’t really prepare, but I wasn’t that nervous.

Granted, the morning was still frantic because I didn’t wake up as early as I should’ve (as usual), struggled to get ready, broke the zipper on my skirt somehow, ran upstairs, got changed into a much more formal outfit than I intended, and ran out the door. Stopped by my cubicle so that I could double check what room the interview was in, and then got there right at 8:00. Phew.

This time the two people interviewing me didn’t really know me, and that surprisingly made it easier. I knew I was qualified for the position, and I think I’ve gotten better at BS-ing (lol). Plus the hiring manager was pretty chill, and he straight up said “That’s the best answer we’ve gotten to that question,” and it made me happy. Yay for getting better at interviews?


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