April 29, 2015:

So I got scheduled for a 2nd interview at 11:00, and even though I still didn’t prepare (lol), I was more nervous because part of me was like “Shit, what if I only did well the first time, but I suck at the second interview?” Buuuuut then I got a call, and the hiring manager asked to reschedule to next week, which was sort of a relief but at the same time, I was sad I looked put together for nothing, haha. And then, I got another message from him later on asking if he could stop by and talk for a second…. And then he told me I got the job!!! No more contingent status for me woot woot. I was still a little conflicted as I accepted the offer, but I think it’s the best option for right now. And my current manager was super excited for me, and my other coworker said that he was confident I’d do a great job. It’s nice having people believe in you, and I’ve been really lucky to work at a place where everyone has been super nice and supportive.

I almost posted this picture on Instagram, but then I felt lame, so I didn’t… But look! I’m official. 😊 



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