May 1, 2015:

Friday was a draining day at work, and instead of staying til 6:30, I stayed until 5:00 because my motivation was gone by then. But it’s okay because I was looking forward to hanging out with Tony after. We didn’t really have much planned, so we got dinner, which I thoroughly enjoyed because I got to hear Tony talk about random stories from high school. I talk so much, it’s nice to be the one listening and actually learning things about my friends, haha.  Afterwards, made a few stops and then headed to Mike’s place just to hang out for a bit, where this lovely picture, or well, screenshot of a video, was taken (I’ll take it down if you want Tony haha).


Anyway, it was a pretty solid night, which ended with crashing on Nam’s couch. Definitely had flashbacks of crashing at Jaime’s apartment in ERC all the time last year.  


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