May 2, 2015: 

Nam and Tony had to wake up early for STC, so we were up and out of the apartment by 7:00, and I dropped them off at SGL. Grabbed a bagel and coffee and then headed to work… Was supposed to leave at 12:00, but I was being productive, so I ended up staying almost a full work day until 3:00pm. At this point, I was pretty tired since I was running on 4 hours of sleep, and I was just happy to go home. Rested for a while until I went out to dinner with my parents at the Tofu House in Mira Mesa. Roger texted me to get dinner, which I obviously didn’t do, but he invited me to go out that night, and I decided to say why not. Got ready, told my parents I was going to a friend’s house, and then headed to his place. It’s always nice dressing up, and I thought the picture we took was cute:  

It was a pretty solid night/ I probably drank more than I should’ve, but it just amplified my tiredness if anything. I definitely need to stop the habit of drunk texting some people though… l o l whoops. 


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