May 3, 2015:

I definitely ktfo-ed once we got back, and I was a little sad in the morning when I woke up 1. without changing out of my dress and 2. without a blanket. Edward’s dad wanted to see the apartment, so I went into Roger’s room and stole his bed while he was gone and knocked out for a few more hours. Woke up at 12, people started coming over for Sungod shortly after, and I definitely felt out of place. This year’s bunch was a lot tamer than last year’s, haha. I wasn’t going to drink, but I took one shot (and it was supposed to be my only one), which turned into another shot for Lionhearts, and another for Digiboard… Merp. 

Headed home and relaxed for a bit, and then went to Seasons 52 with the fambam to celebrate my new job! It’s where we went when I first got hired, too. A little bittersweet because my dad has been really stressed out at work, and he has been looking for a new job/considering quitting his current one…but that’s a whole nother story. 


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