May 8, 2015:

When I ask someone at work how they are, on Monday it’s usually a sigh or a groan, and then their mood progressively improves each day until Friday, when they just respond excitedly IT’S FRIDAY! It reminds me of that one tumblr post (that I just wasted a lot of time trying to find) where Nick Offerman says, “It’s so sad that so much of our society says, man thank god it’s Friday. Thank god that five of the seven days of my life are fucking over because I hate 5/7 of my life.” I’m so used to acting that way at work, where I shrug when people ask how I’m doing most of the week, but when it’s Friday, we’re all magically happier. I hope I never actually get in that mindset where I am just sitting around waiting for Friday to come along.

Anyway, I decided to text Mike to see if he was free to hang out because 1. I told him we’d go get beer sometime 2. we’ve never actually hung out one on one before and 3. I realized I hadn’t really hung out with anyone all week, so I decided to go be social. So after work, I picked him up, and we went to Green Flash brewery! Yay for crossing another place off my list. I can never really be in a bad mood when I’m around Mike because he’d probably just hug me and tell me that I’m perfect or beautiful, and he’s so nice I’d feel guilty if I were in a bad mood. I’m glad that we both can talk about a lot more now that board is over, and we can be more open about things.


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