May 12, 2015:

-Literally spent half the day being excited for free cone day at Haagen Dazs. What even is my life.

-Enthusiasm slightly faded, but at least I went anyway. Felt bad for the workers because they definitely looked like they were hating life.

-Went shopping because I had to justify going out of my way for a free ice cream cone. I mean I was going to go shopping for LED anyway. Trying things on = insecurities left and right. Also annoyed how sizes are so inconsistent between stores. Rushed through stores since I was only there for an hour and a half, and I ended up just buying one thing. 

-Pleasantly surprised when people I don’t know well still remember me. Definitely spaced out right as Rishi walked past, but at least we mutually did a double take and waved at each other, haha. 

-Trying to be okay with spending more of my time alone. Trying to enjoy doing things even if other people aren’t there with me, but it’s difficult. I just need to keep myself busy, and I’ll be okay.


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