May 14, 2015:

The most exciting and stressful thing of the day was buying my Zedd ticket. I decided to go to the LA one because it was on a Friday instead of in the middle of the week. Anyway buying the ticket was a struggle because the site wouldn’t work for me, and then when it did, Steven’s crashed, and I was just spazzing out at work while trying to be low key that I wasn’t actually working…. Hahaha 

After all that, I ended up getting the GA ticket but then buying a VIP ticket on top of that, so now I have to sell my GA ticket. BUT ITS OKAY BECAUSE THE STRUGGLE WAS WORTH SINCE I HAVE ANOTHER THING TO LOOK FORWARD TO NOW. Having money to spend on these things is def a plus of the working life. 

And here is one of the songs I like from his new album, and I’m not sure if the link will work since I’m posting from my phone, but I’ll fix it later:



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