May 18, 2015:

So it was my first official day in my new position at work, which was just new hire orientation anyway. Since I already had my security badge and parking pass, I didn’t have to get there until 9:00 (yay for sleeping in!). 

Orientation was about how you’d expect it to be, watching videos about the company’s culture and values, taking a tour of the building, learning about our benefits, etc. 

The highlight was that I got to leave at 3:30! And for someone who usually leaves at 6:30, 5:00 on an early day, I felt like I had so much time left in my day. I seriously felt so free, and that I could do whatever I wanted, haha. Yes, the exciting moment I get out a whole three hours early.

I didn’t want to go home because I knew I’d end up doing nothing and wasting the rest of my day, so I called Steven and went to UTC to keep him company while he got his tires replaced. We went to Dirty Birds for half off wings and ordered way too much. I definitely want to go back and try their other flavors.

Spent the rest of the night relaxing and watching Elementary and such. 


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