May 23, 2015:

So because of LED, I didn’t actually go to sleep until 6:00 or 6:30. But alas, the next day had to start sometime right?

Woke up, got ready, and then headed out to get lunch at Tacos El Gordo. It was super packed, so we ended up sitting outside in the grass, which was kinda fun in it’s own way. Felt super full and sleepy, so once we got to the beach, I definitely was ready for a nap (although I didn’t actually fall asleep…). But that’s okay because when we got back to the apartment, the five of us all knocked out in the living room, haha.

Then it was time to get ready for LED Day 2, which I definitely was not that excited for just because I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the night again (and well, I didn’t really.)

So the semi-sad story of day 2 begins….

We got there, and well, it took us a while to get our group together. I sobered up pretty quickly, which wouldn’t have been too bad if I had a sober buddy with me, or at least someone who would stick with me the whole night. Basically, to keep it simple, I just was not feeling it. I’m sure someone would’ve stuck with me if I asked, but I didn’t want to bring anyone down by telling them I wasn’t having a good time.

I kept leaving and then coming back, struggling to find the group again every time. I was feeling disappointed because someone who I had made a promise to hang out with had bailed on me, and it felt like he forgot about it and me altogether (which definitely made me realize I should not hold people to things they say while under the influence… because a lot of it is fake af and they don’t really mean it). It shouldn’t have bothered me that much, but this time I couldn’t get out of my head. I tried just taking a break for a little while on my own, but after a certain point, I was just done. I left at around 2:00 am and took a nap in Roger’s car until everyone else got out. I wish I would’ve stuck it out even just on my own instead of giving up, but I didn’t know what else to do. I wasn’t part of the group picture the second day, and it’s a silly thing to be sad about, but I was.

 P.S. If a guy does something, “Boys will be boys,” is a stupid excuse.


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