May 25, 2015:

I had been complaining that David didn’t hit me up anymore to hang out, and then lo and behold, he asked me if I wanted to go eat. But then I realized that we just don’t have much to say anymore, so I guess we’ve just kind of reached that point. Just felt odd to me that we used to talk so much while he was in Monterey, and then once he moved down to SD for a few months, we barely hung out or anything. Strange how friendships work…

Also thought it was interesting that when he found out about my breakup, he just commented on how it must be inconvenient to not have a place to stay in La Jolla. Like… what? Of all the things to be concerned about in the end, that’s what it boils down to? I’d like to think that my relationship was more than a matter of convenience, lol.

Anyway, headed back home to just be a couch potato, when Candace texted me to go get ice cream, and who could ever say no to that? It’s nice that she lives in North County, too, so I just had to drive to Poway vs. all the way to La Jolla. I’ll post a picture later, but right now my wifi isn’t cooperating and my data on my phone is low.



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