May 26, 2015:

I went into work and hoped that I would actually get some training for my new position. Basically, I am going to be taking calls about a lot of things I already know about from my previous position. However, I didn’t feel comfortable jumping into it right away just because having to deal with customers over the phone is something I don’t have any experience with. I came to the realization that my managers didn’t have any formal training schedule put into place for me, and the only “training” they had scheduled was for me to train other people about the calls. Say what? The panic was slightly settling in because I was going to start taking calls on June 1st.

After a meeting that I had, I decided to just take a break and collect myself before going back to my desk. After all, I had an hour scheduled for it, and the meeting only took 20 minutes. I was dying to get some of what I was feeling out, so I wrote this on Tumblr. Feelings of disillusionment are greaattttt. Not.

Oh and on top of that I had been feeling nauseous, and before my meeting, I felt my heart racing for no reason, and I just felt my stress levels rising. Luckily that didn’t last too long, and I felt better after resting for a bit.


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