May 28, 2015:

Since Leo was busy earlier in the week, we rescheduled so we could hang out on Thursday. For some reason, planning was a struggle, but it eventually worked out, and we met up at Urge with Victor for a few beers.

I love them both, but they act differently when I hang out with them individually vs. when I hang out with them at the same time. It definitely throws me off, and I wonder why it’s that way because I like how they are when we’re one-on-one better, but nowadays I always include both when I ask to hang out.

At one point, I just stopped and said, “Can we do something for my birthday this year?”
And Leo responded, “Well, it depends on what….”
Immediately, Victor said, “Dude, who cares? It doesn’t matter. It’s her birthday.” And I just really appreciated that.

Wrote 7 posts today… a million more to go!


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